Welcome to Jingle Jam!

We created Jingle Jam to provide a high quality music program that keeps children motivated and stimulated with singing, playing, musical instruments, and moving to music.

The classes assist children in expressing their emotions, gain self-confidence, increase vocabulary, learn to memorize, develop artistic appreciation, enhance socialization skills, follow directions, learn to pretend, participate in creative movement, improve physical coordination and listening skills. This program is designed for students between the ages of 6 months to 5 years of age with specialized attention to your child’s particular stage of development.

Jingle Jam is a no-fail learning experience whereby all children will be successful while discovering the exciting world of musical sound and rhythm in high-energy classes.

“Jingle Jam is a great way to encourage development in all the domains. Early childhood education includes language and literacy, math skills as well as social and emotional growth. All areas of development are enhanced through the use of music and movement. I recommend the program for all preschool age children.”
Dr. Maureen O’Neil, Professor, Early Childhood Education